2019 sySTEMnow Keynote Speakers

Jan Morrison from TIES to Keynote sySTEMnow Conference

Jan Marrison Headshot.JPG

Jan Morrison is the President and CEO at the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES), where she leads the global organization that brings together partners in a wide range of fields and industries to reimagine STEM. Morrison understands that education can only progress by integrating the engineering design process to create, test and develop STEM.

Prior to founding TIES, she was a science teacher for thirty-five years and a principal at both the middle and high school level. During that time, she also served as the Senior Consultant for College Ready STEM Education as well as Post-Secondary Success for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and as an advisor with the White House and Department of Education for the past four administrations.

With an international vision for STEM education, Morrison helped to found TIES, the vehicle to “dream, innovate, cultivate, execute and scale what is often challenging but needed for children to realize their STEM potential.” Currently, Jan and TIES serve as the designer and lead for the National STEM Funders Network, a collaboration of more than twenty-eight STEM funders seeking to fund STEM for the USA with greater return on their investment and therefore for the nation’s students.

Morrison and TIES work hardest and most with school districts and states throughout the country and internationally to design new STEM schools as platforms for change. TIES specializes in educating and assisting public schools on STEM education and tailored curriculum implementation. Morrison and TIES are also designing and supporting the Computational Science for All (CS for All) project, associated with the National Science Foundation and many funders to bring Computational Literacy and Thinking to all students.

Join us for the 16th Annual sySTEMnow conference as we learn more about TIES’ and the incredible group of world-class STEM education professionals, systems engineers, education visionaries and, how with Morrison’s leadership, they work to “help all children make sense of the world and find themselves STEM literate, STEM capable and excited about make STEM their life’s work.”