STEM Forward Awards Five Scholarships to Students Pursuing STEM Careers

STEM Forward is proud to present five, $2,000 scholarships to the following students for the 2017-2018 academic year: Karlie Hornberger, Marquette University; Eddie Simpson, Milwaukee Area Technical College; Kathryn Ebert, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Courtney Schuh, UW-Milwaukee; and Benjamin Hermann, UW-Madison.

Meet STEM Forward’s outstanding scholarship recipients:

Karlie Hornberger
School: Marquette University
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Environmental Engineering
Concentration: Engineering Leadership

Karlie’s journey to pursue an engineering career began after being exposed to Destination Imagination (DI), an educational non-profit organization that teaches 21st century skills and STEM principles to K-12 and college students.

She participated on teams for 10 years in various challenges, ranging from a Myth busters-style challenge in grade school to a renewable energy challenge in high school.

“While DI was my catalyst for engineering in general, it was the challenge in renewable energy that set my educational and career direction,” Karlie said.”

She decided to study Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering to learn about the sustainable design of energy systems. This summer, Karlie is participating in an internship at GE Renewable Energy in South Carolina.

"After graduation, I hope to continue to work in renewable energy design, either in an established company like GE or an entrepreneurial venture," she said. “I hope to bring the creativity and teamwork I learned in DI, as well as the STEM and leadership skills I learned at Marquette, into my career to make a difference in the world.”

Eddie Simpson
School: Milwaukee Area Technical College
Major: Mechanical Design; Mechanical Engineering

Eddie hopes to continue to excel in Milwaukee Area Technical College’s Mechanical Design program, and graduate with his associate’s degree in the spring of 2018. His goal is to accept a position with a company that will help him support his family, develop his skills and become a better person and employee.

Joining the U.S. Army Reserves as a Medical Combat Specialist may be in Eddie’s future.

“Enlisting in the Army Reserves would give me the opportunity and ability to help others while still being able to work a full-time job, continue my education, and come home to my family at the end of the night,” he said.

After graduating from MATC, Eddie’s next endeavor is to earn his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering.

"My long-term goal is to work with a large company involved in the manufacturing of engines and related components; Briggs and Stratton, Harley-Davidson, Mercury Marine, Caterpillar, etc.,” he said. “Along with the pursuit of my bachelor’s degree, I have high hopes of being able to help people and make a difference.”

Kathyrn Ebert
School: Milwaukee School of Engineering
Major: Architectural Engineering; Construction Management

Kathryn is studying Architectural Engineering and Construction Management. Rather than building grand, luxurious mansions that are featured on TV, Kathryn hopes to build affordable homes for those without shelter.

“I want to make office buildings that inspire workers to see good in the world rather than complacently walk through it,” she said. “I want to make cathedrals, museums, schools, hospitals, that not only inspire people to see the beauty in others, but actually foster creativity that will one day save the world from itself.”

Kathryn is an excellent student, balancing two jobs with her studies. She currently works as an office assistant in MSOE’s Marketing and Public Affairs Department.

“Her determination and drive to succeed in school make her an excellent candidate for this position,” said Leigh Ann Hass, Director of Publications at MSOE.

Courtney Schuh
School: UW-Milwaukee
Major: Industrial Engineering
Concentration: Quality Control

Courtney is earning her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering as a means to improve the world around her.

“I believe that quality work coupled with a drive to push the boundaries of innovation within the industrial and manufacturing space are the keys to bringing today’s good ideas into tomorrow’s safest and greatest reality,” she said.

Her co-op experience with Harley-Davidson and R&L Spring Company have allowed her work with seasoned professionals on various projects, including the implementation of project management methodology and nurturing a culture of accountability.

“As my Junior year comes to an end, I have learned and experienced more about the manufacturing and business world than I could have ever imagined possible in such a short period of time,” she said. “My experiences have fueled a desire to enter the workforce not just in pursuit of a career, but in the pursuit of a work environment that inspires me to grow as an intellectual, a leader, a supporter, a creator and an engineer.”

Benjamin Hermann
School: UW-Madison
Major: Engineering

Benjamin Hermann was one of 29 highly qualified high school seniors residing in southeastern Wisconsin who applied for our high school scholarship this year to pursue a STEM degree. Benjamin will attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall to study engineering.

“My inspiration to pursue a STEM job, specifically engineering, started with my involvement in the Future City Competition,” he said. “Since then, my interest has continued to grow.”

In addition to STEM Forward’s Future City Competition, Benjamin has participated in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest for three seasons, and served as co-captain when the team took home first place in the National Competition. He’s taken four years of challenging Project Lead the Way courses, earned college credits, and has participated in MSOE’s software engineering summer camp, Woodland Conference math competition and countless extra-curricular activities.

With all of these activities, Benjamin still finds time to work. He has experience working as a contracting assistant for Luettegen Contracting, as a stocker for Pick n' Save and as a home cleaner/organizer for the nonprofit organization, Project Pals.

These five outstanding students will be honored during STEM Forward’s 12th Annual Golf Outing Scholarship & Program Fundraiser at Morningstar Golfers Club on Aug. 17, 2017.

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