Gene Lee is STEM Forward’s 2018 High School Scholarship Winner

                                    Gene Lee

                                   Gene Lee

School: UW-Madison
Major: Chemical Engineering and Computer Science

Gene Lee was one of more than 50 highly qualified high school seniors residing in southeastern Wisconsin who applied for our high school scholarship this year to pursue a STEM degree. Gene will attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall, and plans to double major in chemical engineering and computer science.

“From an early age, I was drawn to the vast, enigmatic world of science,” she said. “In high school, I explored this insatiable curiosity by taking all the AP STEM classes offered.”

Her favorite course is chemistry.

“There is something truly fascinating about quantifying particles invisible to the eye that drive our world,” she said.

In addition to maintaining a 4.0 (unweighted) G.P.A, for the past four years, Gene participated in the Science Olympiad, and served as Vice President of the Science Bowl. She’s also been involved in her high school key club, band, tennis, orchestra, yearbook and National Honors Society.

With all of these activities, Gene still finds time to work. She manages emails and accounts run by Red Passion Host, a company that makes and maintains online order sites for restaurants. Last year, she was a hostess at a restaurant as well as a clarinet tutor. 

Gene looks forward to exploring different aspects of chemical engineering and computer science in college. She also has a strong interest in energy sustainability and developing alternative energy sources.

“I believe that a STEM career, combined with my relentless passion and focus, will be my gateway to improving our world,” she said. As a chemical engineer, I will strive to develop new technologies that advance the quality of our lives, while also protecting the environment.”

Gene Lee, along with four other students from our partner colleges, will be honored during STEM Forward’s 13th Annual Golf Outing Scholarship & Program Fundraiser at Morningstar Golfers Club on Aug. 16, 2018.

Information on the four college scholarship recipients from Marquette University, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee School of Engineering and UW-Milwaukee will be announced soon!

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