2019 sySTEMnow Keynote Speaker

STEM Forward is thrilled to host Jignesh Patel, Serial Tech Entrepreneur and Computer Science Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison! His exclusive presentation for the sySTEMnow Conference is entitled, “The 3 E's: Economy, Education & Excellence” where he will describe the impact of disruptive technologies on the Wisconsin economy and its employers.

Jignesh Patel Headshot .png

Patel’s research focuses on efficient methods to generate insights from data. Specifically, on improving both system efficiency (designing high-performance data analysis algorithms), and human efficiency (inventing methods to improve the productivity of users interacting with data systems).

Patel is the Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Locomatix Inc., a pioneering startup that built a data platform to power mobile services. Locomatrix became a part of the social media platform Twitter in 2013. In 2017, in partnership with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), he spun out a new startup called DataChat. DataChat uses sophisticated AI and data analytics to infer and carry out a vast range of data science functions from a conversation with a human user. DataChat is designed as a human-to-machine collaborative tool in which the machine works with the human decision-maker to glean actionable insights from data. DataChat allows businesses to rethink their data science functions achieving far more accurate and timely insights at a dramatically lower cost.

 His entrepreneurial success and passion to share information has led to numerous achievements and awards. His research articles have been named ‘best papers’ in several database conferences including the Special Interest Group on Management of Data (SIGMOD) and Very Large Databases (VLDB). He was named Distinguished Scientist by ACM in 2011 and received the College of Engineering Education Excellence Award by the University of Michigan. Patel also serves on the board of Lands’ End and a number of technology startup companies in Wisconsin and the Bay Area.