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WI Youth Apprenticeship: Developing young talent in STEM careers

Attendees will learn more about the WI Youth Apprentice (YA) program and the benefits it provides to high school students, employers, and the entire community. The presentation will provide a clear rationale and concise framework for those who wish to consider YA at their high schools or businesses. Professionals from We Energies will share their rationale for participating in YA, the value of mentoring, and the successful path to graduating their first cohort of Engineering/Design YAs. Recent graduates continue their employment with We Energies while attending post-secondary training as Pre-Designers and are on track to pursue registered apprenticeships. A past and present YA from We Energies will share their stories about the value of mentorship, their on-the-job training, and the passion they have for working in the design pathway.

Presenter: Terri Salzer, MPS and We Energies