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Collab Lab: Re/connect

What's a Collab Lab?

How often do you have an opportunity to connect with colleagues in other districts to share innovative practices in education?

Learn Deep brings educators from across Milwaukee together to share what we’re working on to benefit our students. Each gathering includes individuals from outside organizations who have looked at parallel practices from another perspective. Together, we explore the goals educators hope to reach, hurdles which stand in the way, and opportunities to move forward. Collab Labs are a chance to learn what strategies others have used to succeed, and to solicit help and feedback from others who have worked towards similar goals.

May wraps up the 3rd season of our Collab Lab Series. Since we started, we’ve had more than 400 inspired educators and community partners from non-profits, higher-ed, and industry join us to explore ways we can collaborate to engage K-12 students across greater Milwaukee in meaningful, authentic work.

The May Collab Lab will move to City Lights Brewing with an earlier start time. This is your chance to drop in, re/connect with folks from different sessions, and talk through ideas over a beer.

To register, click here.

Where: City Lights Brewing, 2200 W. Mt. Vernon Ave, Milwaukee