WI Future City Regional Alumnus Feature

October 17, 2019

To David Nowak, Future City was more than just a competition; it was THE program that inspired him to become an engineer. David competed in the Future City Competition in 2002 as a part of his 8th grade technology class.

Arduino 2.jpg

The 4th Industrial Revolution: Why Implementing Arduino Tech into the Classroom will Benefit K-12 Students 

September 10, 2019

If you haven’t experimented with Arduino tech, we highly recommend it. This simple open-sourced technology is what some would consider the 4th industrial revolution, offering the best user experience to get something done quickly. Whether you want to create a DIY drone, bake a cake, mute the T.V. or feed your cat — you can do it with Arduino tech.

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STEM Forward and Brauer Family Found STEM Scholarship for Female, Milwaukee Public School Seniors

 Extraordinary Young Woman from Bradley Tech High School Awarded Scholarship

August 13, 2019

STEM Forward and the Brauer Family are pleased to award Malyun Ali, senior at Bradley Tech High School, the $2,500 2019 STEM Forward Elizabeth Brauer Scholarship.

Each year, STEM Forward awards a scholarship to a high school student who is planning to pursue a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) degree at a college or university in Wisconsin. STEM Forward believes that in order to add to Southeastern Wisconsin’s talent pipeline, they must provide as many opportunities to students as possible, big or small. This year, STEM Forward received additional funding from the Brauer Family and the Elizabeth Brauer Scholarship was founded to support female, Milwaukee Public School seniors’ planning to pursue STEM. This scholarship, as a whole, recognizes the astonishing aptitude of young women in the Milwaukee Public School District.

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